Measure Your Moisture Before Your Basement Remodeling Project

You might be excited about your basement remodeling project, but don't start bringing in the gypsum drywall and putting down the shag carpet until...


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Sink Your Hands into Measuring a New Sink for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project
Friday, 21 May 2010 22:33

A sink is simply a bowl. A bowl with pipes and gaskets and washers, screws and valves and connectors, and hopefully a faucet that correctly distributes hot water on the left, and cold water on the right – with the proper faucet handle initials indicating so. Of course, this “bowl” is more appropriately referred to as a basin – but the sink doesn't really care what it is called. For those of you that are looking for a creative outlet to wash your hands in, open your eyes to every bowl shaped object. Your preferences for size, material and design can be more particularly satisfied with a little imagination and some skillful cutting work.

Before you hire a professional stone-cutter to modify your intricately-patterned Italian Marble sink, take a realistic look at the sink measurements – and the unique physical measurements of each member of the family that will be using the sink. If a short family member and a tall family member are sharing a sink, a tall deep bowl will be awkward for one, and a long shallow bowl may be awkward for the other. Picture all family members washing their face and hands, brushing their teeth, and peering over the sink to see if that razor stubble has come in or where the latest wrinkles have surfaced. Does one splash cold water from the faucet onto their face, practically swimming in the sink, while the other gracefully dampens a corner of a washcloth and brings it up to the face? You don't want any heads hitting the faucet fixture, and you don't want water all over the bathroom counter. If your kids dump their goldfish bowl into the bathroom sink for cleaning, or you use your bathroom sink for hand-washing delicates, make sure these tasks can be comfortably managed without strain or damage. Size and design should be enjoyable for all bathroom users to face first thing in the morning – often before that first cup of coffee.

Whether you choose to remodel your bathroom with a hand-picked specialty basin, or you're just browsing through your local retailer for a traditional sink – make sure you measure to keep your morning bathroom visits a pleasure.