Measure Your Moisture Before Your Basement Remodeling Project

You might be excited about your basement remodeling project, but don't start bringing in the gypsum drywall and putting down the shag carpet until...


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Enlarge Your Kitchen by Remodeling with Kitchen Built-Ins
Friday, 21 May 2010 22:31

Kitchen walls are just waiting to be torn down. Behind the out-dated wallpaper, faded paint, and tiles that have lost their luster, are studs and empty spaces just waiting to be filled with fine wine, classic cookbooks and patterned pottery. Adding a small or spacious built-in for your kitchen is a stunning way to enlarge your kitchen and cooking area by using your already existing resources to house your years of kitchen collectibles and the comforts of family traditions.

A built-in pantry, once a standard in every home, will double your storage room. Although today's busy fast-food and instant-dinner families may no longer need pantry-size shelving for canning fresh vegetables and fruits over the winter, the storage room surely comes in handy for storing dishes, plastic containers, cookbooks with permanent tomato stains, and little-used countertop appliances. If you are lacking a dining room, a built-in cabinet faced with glass doors can show off your collectible wares or irreplaceable porcelains and chinas.

On a smaller scale, a simple built-in such as a sliding spice-rack can add sought-after counter space. If you savor cupboard space more than counter space, consider bringing some of your kitchen cupboards down to touch the counter. You'll create shelves where tile once interrupted the bottom cupboard from the countertop. If your kitchen is faced with more than enough cupboards, take a cupboard door off and put in a lattice configuration for bottles of red wine. If you entertain often, see if you have empty space between your fridge and counter for a pull-out wine rack for storing white wine close to the fridge. If your family is the scope of your entertaining days, open-faced built-in shelves can house phones, charger stations, mail, homework, crayons, trophies, newspapers, magazines, coupons and recipes, as well as a few oversized pots and pans.

Kitchen built-ins provide endless ideas for kitchen remodeling projects. If your kitchen is small and cluttered, or you just need a change; look at your walls, your cupboards and your empty spaces to envision the future. Your fantasy kitchen might be waiting for you just behind your kitchen walls.